Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Tribute

George & Donnalei Sumner of Sumner Studios are proud to be a partner in “75 Tributes to the Bridge,” a community program commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.


“American Beauty” by George Sumner © 2011

In 1986, artist George Sumner was asked to create the “Official” painting for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 50th anniversary.Proceeds from the sales of lithographs of the 8’ x 5’ oil painting titled “The Impossible Dream”and fine art posters were donated toward lighting the bridge forever.One year earlier, Sumner was honored for his 8’ x 5’ oil painting rendition titled “Sweet Liberty” to celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s 100th birthday. Competing against 1500 artists nationwide, “Sweet Liberty” was selected to become the “Official” painting. On July 4th,1986, “Sweet Liberty” was permanently installed into the base of the great statue.

Now – 25 years later – artist George Sumner and his beloved wife and business partner, Donnalei, are deeply honored to contribute their time and talents toward the Golden Gate Bridge’s glorious 75th anniversary birthday party.

George and Donnalei Sumner with Golden Gate Bridge Transit Bus for the 75th Golden Gate Bridge Celebration.
Arial view of top of Golden Gate Transit Bus for 75th Anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge Celebration. 

Sumner created “American Beauty” – a 5’ x 3’ image to honor the world’s most beautiful bridge.In close collaboration with the Golden Gate Highway and Transportation District, Sumner has transfered a rendition of “American Beauty” onto a new 45’ Golden Gate Transit daily commute bus, as part of the bridge’s 75th anniversary festivities.

Donnalei Sumner, a environmental educator, has worked with Golden Gate Transit as the “Whale Bus Lady”, going to schools in the Bay area for over twenty years. Donnalei has created a imaginative children’s educational program in conjunction with the celebration on the 75th anniversary using the new GGT “Bridge” bus and will be visiting schools and events in San Francisco and Marin during the year 2012. For more information regarding the “Bridge Bus” coming to your school, please contact:

Even though the Sumner’s remain global travelers, the Golden Gate Bridge remains an “Eternal Link” in their daily lives. The famous bridge connects their most loved city in the world to their home surrounded deep within nature in majestic Marin county.

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images © 2013 George Sumner